DEB3 Consulting recognizes that how we handle relationships largely responsible for our successes in ife. There are aspects of our relationships that require understanding and nurturing. Relationships 
do not need “hard work”. They need the “Right Work”. Beyond any level of attraction, there lies the 
nature of each individual in the relationship. Your very differences can draw you closer and also 
further apart. It is in the knowing of what you each need to breathe in your relationship and honoring 
it, that you can allow your relationship to experience its full potential.

By taking The ULT® (Ultimate Life Tool®) Test individually and having a couple’s compatibility assessment, you will gain a 
new perspective on each other and your relationship. You will receive practical and real-time advice 
on how to navigate certain challenges and how to maintain the integrity of your relationship. The 
ULT Technology has a wide range of applications including:

Life Coaching is for everyone!
Parenting Issues: Learning to communicate with your child or teen
Career Discovery: Discovering what feeds your potential
Educational Advisement: Choosing the right school, roommate, etc.
Personal Development​​​​​​​​​: Becoming a better YOU


DEB3 Consulting offers insight and direction to individuals about academic, social, and personal matters. The nature of this direction is to inform, suggest, counsel, coach, mentor, and even teach the client about how their nature impacts their ability to learn and tolerate various environments.

Professionals in the field of Education find DEB3 Consulting a great asset in raising the standard of human understanding among faculty as well as students. Knowing how a child learns can be easily explained and increase comprehension. The teacher’s job becomes much easier when specific characteristics of a student’s nature are brought to the forefront.

Parents frequently choose DEB3Consulting in helping to determine career paths, colleges, roommates or employment opportunities for their son or daughter. Additionally, adults experiencing a transition in careers can gain clarity into “what do I do now?” by simply enlisting the coaching services of DEB3 Consulting.

“Knowledge is Power. Let DEB3 Consulting introduce you to The Knowledge of Y.O.U.”


If you are interested in ULT® Training or Life Coach Certification courses, DEB3 Consulting can answer your questions. Future ULT® experts are accepted through referrals. DEB3 Consulting is a YCG Board approved reference provider by The Y.O.U. (Your Own Understanding) Institute and can screen candidates for eligibility as well as make recmmendations for acceptance into ULT training and Life Coach certification programs offered through The Y.O.U.® Institute. YCG, LLC dba The Y.O.U.® INSTITUTE provides ULT® Training and Life Coach Certification programs that are Approved for Continuing Education by the BBS (California State Board of Behavioral Sciences) , BRN (California State Board of Registered Nursing) and the ICF (International Coach Federation).  

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Approved Continuing Education Provider by the California State Board of Behavioral Sciences... CE units available to eligible participants for course completion. APPROVAL NUMBER PCE 4245

Approved Continuing Education Provider by the California State Board of Registered Nursing... CE units available to eligible participants for course completion. APPROVAL NUMBER CEP 15266

Approved Continuing Education Provider by the International Coach Federation ... coursework is available through The YOU Institute.